28 de agosto de 2008

The Last Shadow Puppets " The Age Of The Understatement "

Esse era para ser de alguma música eletrônica, mas decidi colocar TLSP por motivos técnicos.

Last Shadow é praticamente uma dupla formada por Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) & Miles Kane (The Rascals). As músicas deles tem uma sonoridade muito atrativa que lembra vagamente Arctic, (nunca escutei o The Rascals, prometo que nos próximos dias coloco alguma coisa de ambos, tanto Arctic quanto Rascals).

Essa é uma música que já te prende na introdução, com batidas que lembram marchas de guerra.

Além disso tanto o Alex quanto o Miles conseguem levar a música perfeitamente, oferecendo-nos um som de altíssima qualidade relembrando um pouco Radiohead e Oasis em momento inspirado.

Avaliação: ****


Decided to sneak off away
From your stomach and try your pulse
You captured what seemed all unknowing
And candid but they suspected it was false

She's playful, the boring would warn you
Be careful of her brigade
In order to tame this relentless marauder
Move away from the parade
And she was walking on the tables in the glasshouse
And verily bedraggled in the wind
Subtly a method of seduction
Twenty little tragedies begin

And she would throw a feather boa in the road
If she thought that it would set the scene
Unfittingly dipped into your companions
Enlightened them to make you see

And there's affection to rent
The age of the understatement
Before the attraction ferments
Kiss me properly and pull me apart
Affection to rent
The age of the understatement
But before this attraction ferments
Kiss me properly and pull me apart

And my fingers scratch at my hair
Before my mind can get too reckless
The idea of seeing you here
Is enough to make the sweat go cold

Letra by Vagalume